05 January 2011

Pleasantly Surprising

Well, any idea of getting back into the room last night didn't quite work out. A friend called last minute and asked a favor, so we were unable to go to class. (Bummer!!) However, I was able to go to the 6:00AM class this morning. It was illuminating!

First, the initial breathing exercise did not hurt as much as I thought it might. That said, by the time the first set was completed, I had to cough a lot. It got better in second set -- a lot better. After that, there were fewer and fewer pauses to clear my lungs AND my inhaler stayed in my locker!!

The biggest shock, though, was in the third posture, Eagle. I was actually able to get each foot completely behind my leg on each set. I had trouble holding the form, but just the fact that I had never done that posture so well on both sides shocked me! From then on, I just rolled with the flow. It was a good class: flowing and calm, with lots of little bits of advice and encouragement. The instructors have so many nuggets of knowledge, it would take forever to recount them all. The one that stuck with me today?

"Repetition is the mother of mastery."   

After class, I was told that my success in Eagle today was a foreshadowing of things to come; that in the next few weeks, as I get back to regular practice, that will happen more and more often. Gotta keep working though!!

1 class down, 199 to go.

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