01 February 2013


Last time, I wrote that I had to find a way to make it last Sunday's community class at Sumits.

I did get to class. It was amazing.

Not for the class I had. It was amazing for the positive energy in that room.

The community class is held each Sunday at 4 PM. Five dollars, cash only, for those who do not currently have a package. The Facebook post from the studio said to get there early because of the potential for a full room, and they were not kidding. Class started at 4 so I arrived at 3:25 to make sure I could get in. As I pulled in to the lot parking was already a concern. The studio is in a small strip mall with an AT&T store on one side of the studio and a pizzeria (yes, a pizzeria -- talk about temptation!) on the other. I found a spot to park and, as if on cue, about nine other yogis/yoginis popped out of their vehicles. I grabbed my gear and headed for the door. The line was out the door! -- talk about the power of yoga! I paid and made my way into the room. Staff members were helping to find spots for everyone and remind them of proper etiquette (no shoes in the room, please...). The front row was full and the second row was almost full, so I dropped my mat in the back corner under one of the heaters (yay!). Men and women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds were there. The room continued to fill, with the staff gently asking people to slide one way or the other. The sign on the door quotes a maximum occupancy of 63, and while there weren't that many people in there, I don't believe you could have squeezed another soul in there. I think they cut it off at around 40 or so. and by the time class began I was right up against the mirror on the side of the room. The instructor entered the room and off we went. I don't know where it came from, but I was smiling to myself as we started warm-up.

The room was HOT! I was sweating before we even started, which I loved. The instructor was really keeping tabs on the heat and humidity, so the conditions were never debilitating. It has been more than a month since I practiced, so I expected nothing. As class progressed, I was having difficulty remembering what to do and how to do it, but I didn't really care. My thoughts kept going to the energy, the vibe, the positive feelings in that room. It didn't matter that I was having problems with being strong enough or flexible enough or breathing correctly -- I was actually keeping my focus and having a great, fun class! The last part of the standing series was really hard, and I was very glad to hit the floor. Still, I could feel the energy of the room helping me to press on through the rest of class. Even as class ended, and there was a mad dash to the door, I lay still until the room became quiet again, soaking in that positive flow for as long as I could.

We hear the word energy used every time we step in a yoga room -- no matter what type we practice. We are encouraged to contribute our energy to the room, to our practice, even to the Universe. There are classes when the energy in the room is so-so, or even non-existent. There are classes when the energy in the room is decidedly negative -- sometimes even close to malevolent. We are taught to recognize and fight through this. Then, there are classes where you just float happily through the practice. Last Sunday was one of those. The surprise for me was just how intense that positivity was -- and how much it did help.

I will be back this Sunday. Hopefully, the good vibes will continue.

Help: I broke down and got a smartphone a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know of any good apps about yoga or meditation? Let me know.


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