13 July 2011

7 Day Mini-Challenge: Day 3

Since I am on vacation this week, I have challenged myself to complete nine classes in this seven-day span. Here is the second update.

 Tuesday: Another double today! The 6AM class was really good... it seems I was just as stiff as the previous morning but I loosened up much more quickly. In Standing Head/Knee, I actually tried to kick my right leg out in the first set. Didn't get far, mind you, but it was a start. Triangle improved... got three of four sides. Even my Spine-Strengthening set was better! Generally, I felt really good, and I am finding that when you can do a lot of classes in a short time, each individual class seems to go by a little quicker. The biggest problem about going to class so early is hydration. I get soooooo thirsty in that class, and I have to be really disciplined so I'm not chugging water during class. Fortunately, since I freeze my water bottles, they don't melt that fast, so I can only take in so much water at any given time.

So, feeling good from the morning class, I headed back for the last class of the day at 6:30PM. This was the first really hard class of the week. The balance I had in the first three classes deserted me. I was sore and a bit fatigued. I sat out one set of Triangle, then fell out of Separate Leg Head/Knee. Even Tree was difficult. On the floor, I felt a grab in the right side of my back during Locust, Full-Locust, and Floor Bow, then I came out of Camel really early. Our instructor believes it was a hydration problem since I told her that the evening class was much harder than the morning session. The other problem is one I found when I got home. The skin on my feet is cracking and it really hurt. A little lotion and a lot of water should take care of it.

As for today, I hope to get one class in... if I can get the car back from the shop..... If not, it will be doubles tomorrow AND Friday...




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  1. You absolutely CAN do it! I've also noticed doing many classes in close succession really does makes the class less daunting. Hydration is hard, especially when it comes to doubles, but it obviously makes such a difference in terms of our body's limits. Keep it up :)