10 March 2011

Tough, then tougher

Have made it to three classes so far this week. Sunday and Monday were difficult, but Tuesday night's class was off the chart. The weather here in Texas is changing rapidly, as is normal. A couple of days near 80, then a few in the 60s and 70s. Tuesday was a very humid day here, and it really came through in the room.

REALLY came through.

 There was a new instructor as well. Sarah used to practice and teach here, then moved around before returning. She is small but don't let that fool you -- she is a strong, strong instructor. She puts you through a tough class -- her dialogue is almost right out of the book and she holds postures for every last second prescribed. After the first set of pranayama, I was worried. After the first set of Half-moon/Hands-To-Feet, I was downright frightened. The postures seemed to be coming at me so fast, and I was sweating soooooo much I almost felt like it was my first class ever.

By the time we got to triangle, in a class of about 30 students, a dozen or more were sitting out (I tried the first set but hit the floor very quickly). By Savasana, I was toast. I could barely lift my legs in Wind-Removing, and after the first set of Cobra, I was out. Out of the room. That rarely happens. I came back one posture later, but all I did was poach myself in my sweat-soaked mat.

I wasn't the first, or the last, student to bail. I counted at least four other times I heard the doors open and close.


To me, it is always cool to get to take class from a new instructor. It presents a new challenge because it is a different voice, different cadence, and there are different nuances in the dialogue. Tired and dehydrated as I was, I was glad to take that class. It is easy, when you hear the same voices and see the same faces, to fall into a false sense of security or confidence. When you have one of those, "What the hell am I doing in here?" classes, you are educated as to just EXACTLY where your practice is at. Can't wait for my next chance to take class from Sarah!!

Off to get ready for tonight. FOUR classes in a week? WOO HOO!! Maybe even a fifth on Saturday? Bring it on!!

20 down, 180 to go.


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