24 March 2011

Road Trip, Part I

Wow. More than two weeks since an entry. It has been fun, though. I have had some really hot, challenging classes (seven in all since my last post). One class, in particular, stands out for a number of reasons.

Last week, Missy and I took our first extended vacation ever: five days in Fredericksburg and San Antonio, TX. Shopping, sightseeing, dining (oh, the food – difficult to even think of eating Mexican food here in Fort Worth – it was THAT good.). We had an absolute blast away from work, kids, and the humdrum, boring details of daily life.

While planning our trip, I searched for Bikram studios in San Antonio. Fortunately, there are three, all under the umbrella of  Bikram Yoga San Antonio. I was very keen to take a class while there. I thought it would be fun to take class in a new environment: Different studio, instructor, room, vibe, voice, etc. So on Friday, I found myself at the BYSA studio in Alamo Heights for the 9:30 AM class.

Now, I had found out from Cindy (one of our instructors in FW), that one of the owners of BYSA, Lisa Ingle, had been an instructor at Cindy’s teacher training (more on TT in a later post). By my great good fortune, Lisa was to teach that morning.

You have to wait until the next post for more. Running short of time and I have much to say. Let’s just say that it was one of the five best classes I’ve ever taken. I will continue this just as soon as time permits.

27 classes down, 173 to go (My 2011 goal: 200 classes)


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