03 January 2011

The Name

The name for this blog comes from inside the "torture chamber". I was in the middle of my first Bikram Challenge (52 classes in 60 days). I was still trying to get my bearings in the room, concentrating mostly on simple survival. We were in the first set of Standing Head to Knee; the first part of which requires one to stand on one leg, knee locked, while bending to hold the other foot in your hands (forming a stirrup with your hands and holding the foot in that). Well, as you can imagine, it is difficult for most beginners, much less a flabby, 275 lb. guy like me. I huffed and puffed and tried to make that happen, but it didn't. The instructor, Jonathan, called out from the far side of the room,

"Do the posture, please, Mark!"

If I'd had any energy at all, I might have said something back. It stung. I had taken correction before from teachers, but this one pissed me off a bit. I was trying. Maybe not as hard as I should, but I was trying. I know now he was trying to push me, and I still appreciate him for it. Jonathan has moved on, but his words still echo in my brain from time to time. Especially over the past month, since my classes have been very up-and-down. I go from having a strong, good class to laying down during the floor series. During my last class, on Dec. 26, I even fell asleep. Embarrassing -- at least to me. That may be why I started this blog. I keep hearing his words:


Medical: Went for the follow-up today. Pneumonia easing quickly. Still on meds/steroids for another five days, but ready to get back in the room tomorrow!! Got to hit the scale: 237 lbs.!! Wow, I thought it was a lot higher than that!! Yeah!! The only trouble is that the steroids are making me hungry all the time. I need to be really buckle down and get back to eating better -- thank goodness the holidays are now past!

0 classes down, 200 to go.


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