01 December 2015

Join The #LOVE TSUNAMI !!!

It was a tough yoga class or workout. You gave everything. You are spent.

You think to yourself, "I just can't move another muscle."

You wait a few minutes, get your second (third, fourth) wind, get up, and go about your day.

There are others in this world who cannot.

I would like you to meet Elizabeth D'Angelo, an artist fighting a debilitating disease and needs some help. 

All I ask is that you read the following and consider purchasing from her shop. If you cannot, please consider a donation. If that is not possible, please share this post. Thank You!!

From her Facebook page:

Dear friends,

You have been chosen from a sea of amazing humans to carry a torch and help save a life!
This fire was ignited by a strong and beautiful soul: Elizabeth D' Angelo (Beth!). Beth is an inspiring and courageous artist whose life and work are a true example of what being a love warrior means. Elizabeth has been suffering from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for several years. She spent a year in bed, unable to move, speak, have the lights on or open the blinds. With perseverance, she has gotten a little better, but she is still almost entirely bedroom bound and her level of suffering is high. 

She has painted all of these images from her bedroom over the last 5 years. She paints while battling muscle spasms (with icepacks on her arms) on top of having about 5% of the muscle strength and energy of a healthy person. She also has two herniated disks in her neck that affect the use of her right arm (her primary arm). She perseveres. She fights and shows up daily. She comes to us to ask for help. She wants to get well.
Soon, she is scheduled to begin IV therapy and she needs the funds to do it.

Will you help us to share her story with your friends by changing your profile photo to an image of her artwork along with the links below? Will you choose to buy your Christmas presents from her shop? Will you share this folder with a brief introduction for your friends?

Redbubble Shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/bethdangelo

Fundraiser: http://www.youcaring.com/medical…/elizabeth-s-miracle/213280

This is a TAOLK (A Targeted Act of Kindness) as part of The Love Tsunami. 

Join us, please!


Scroll down for a few examples of her work.

Courtesy solvecfs.org



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