15 October 2015

Freak Show

"Come one, come all!

Come and watch the bald, fat man try to do that new-fangled thing called "yoga".

Watch him gasp and then yawn uncontrollably during the Prana and Yama. 

Look as he tries to make a half of a moon.. Looks more like a man struggling to keep his arms above his head. 

Shiver as he vainly tries to touch his toes or put his hands behind his heels!

Feel the sheer terror as he falters during posture after posture!

Quake as he crashes to the floor during that "Triangle Pose"!

Avert your eyes as he flops around like a beached whale! 

If you are of a weak constitution you are advised to avoid this theater! Adults only, please!

Come one, come all!!

Watch the amazing bald, fat, wannabe yogi!!!"

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