06 October 2015

Burn The Leaves (Redux)

Note: The first version of this poem appeared last fall. I reworked it and I think it's better. As for yoga, bronchitis has had me down but I hope to be back in the room soon. Namaste.


Autumn comes again
the land begins to cool
Summer's heat will dissipate --
Dreams and passions never do.

Winter has yet to show
Its cold and furrowed brow
Spring is many months away
The time to clean is now

The trees have just begun to turn 
From green to red and gold
But this is not a time to grieve --
Rise up! Stand tall!!
Be bold!!!

So gather up the leaves!
Pile them high in the setting sun
And along with those dying leaves 
Pile up the dreams
And hopes that were undone

You see, in nature nothing is lost
Matter merely changes form
As a phoenix must dissolve into ash
In order to be reborn

So set that pile of leaves alight
Watch them smolder and burn
Warm yourself in the soft firelight
And let your dreams and hopes return

Copyright 2015 DTP