15 October 2015

Freak Show

"Come one, come all!

Come and watch the bald, fat man try to do that new-fangled thing called "yoga".

Watch him gasp and then yawn uncontrollably during the Prana and Yama. 

Look as he tries to make a half of a moon.. Looks more like a man struggling to keep his arms above his head. 

Shiver as he vainly tries to touch his toes or put his hands behind his heels!

Feel the sheer terror as he falters during posture after posture!

Quake as he crashes to the floor during that "Triangle Pose"!

Avert your eyes as he flops around like a beached whale! 

If you are of a weak constitution you are advised to avoid this theater! Adults only, please!

Come one, come all!!

Watch the amazing bald, fat, wannabe yogi!!!"

06 October 2015

Burn The Leaves (Redux)

Note: The first version of this poem appeared last fall. I reworked it and I think it's better. As for yoga, bronchitis has had me down but I hope to be back in the room soon. Namaste.


Autumn comes again
the land begins to cool
Summer's heat will dissipate --
Dreams and passions never do.

Winter has yet to show
Its cold and furrowed brow
Spring is many months away
The time to clean is now

The trees have just begun to turn 
From green to red and gold
But this is not a time to grieve --
Rise up! Stand tall!!
Be bold!!!

So gather up the leaves!
Pile them high in the setting sun
And along with those dying leaves 
Pile up the dreams
And hopes that were undone

You see, in nature nothing is lost
Matter merely changes form
As a phoenix must dissolve into ash
In order to be reborn

So set that pile of leaves alight
Watch them smolder and burn
Warm yourself in the soft firelight
And let your dreams and hopes return

Copyright 2015 DTP

04 October 2015


Quite a long time since I wrote, but I'm keeping this one short. September was a long, cruel, difficult month. So many things happening. So much energy expended, so little gained, so much time and effort for others. None for myself. And it shows. 

Last week I got my yearly flu shot. For some reason, they decided to weigh me before getting the vaccine. 247.6 pounds. Oh dear Lord, it was worse than I thought. Too many late night meals, all the daily trips to the donut shop, all the pre-processed fast food. I can't recall the last healthy meal I had. 

My yoga practice had become equally poor. After 101 straight days of yoga, I have taken exactly 30 classes in the last 83 days. None of those classes could be described as good. In fact at least three of them ended within 30 minutes. My worst class lasted 90 seconds. At the first inhale of Pranayama, I started coughing uncontrollably and had to leave the room. You read it right. That class lasted 90 seconds. I have no strength, balance, or flexibility anymore -- it's truly is as though I was back to that first day six years ago. I don't have any faith in myself and I spend long stretches of class sitting or laying out. I've considered resigning my work study position and giving up my practice. Seriously. 

I'm stuck. I don't know where to turn or which way to go. 

Be well.