20 December 2014

The Holiday Post -- 2014

This post has appeared in various forms here and elsewhere. It changes a bit each year. Enjoy!

I know. The holidays are here. Rushing here and there. Looking for just the right gift. Planning the big meal.

Lights and tinsel and food, oh my! 

There are so many things to do. So many places to go, people to meet. 

Before all that, however, let's slow down. Just for a moment. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. 

It's not about mass consumerism and delayed flights and, "Just one more slice of pie..."

Give me a moment. It won't take very long. I have a few thoughts I want to share. 

1) If you are traveling, I hope your trip goes well and you get there and back safe and sound.

2) If you are in the military (of any nation) and the holidays find you far away, know that we are truly thankful for the sacrifices you make every day of the year. Godspeed and I hope you are with your loved ones very soon.

3) When you are with your loved ones, hug them. Hug them again.  Hug them harder. You just never know when (or IF)  you'll get that chance again.

3a) If there are children at your gathering, hold them, hug them, laugh and play silly games with them. Watch the sparkle in their eyes. Let go. Be a kid again. The cold, hard world will still be there tomorrow.

4) If you are at odds with someone, extend the olive branch. Call. Write. E-mail. Send a telegram. Send smoke signals. Try anything. Try everything. Try to make peace. Just try. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe great things happen. 

5) Never Forget: There are a great many people in need. Give what you can. The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, your local homeless shelter, women's shelter, soup kitchen, your local food bank... all would appreciate whatever you can give. Food, clothing, cash, doesn't matter. It all goes to improve someone's life (and therefore the world) just a little bit.

6) Never Forget II: Our four legged friends need a hand, too. The local Humane Society or SPCA can always use food or bedding for their charges. Perhaps you are looking for a new "furever" friend. Consider a shelter pet. 

7) Eat, drink, and be merry!!! If you choose to enjoy a drink, don't drive. Please. Call a cab. Call a friend. Anything. 

8) Laugh out loud. Do a silly dance. Let someone know just exactly how special they are to you.

9) Finally, perhaps most importantly, take some for yourself. Reflect. Take stock of things. Take a long walk and consider your life. What do you like? What needs changing? Seek advice. Write it out. Do whatever you need to start the new year out right. 

Love and Peace to all. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!!!

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