19 October 2014

Under The Autumn Moon

want to walk with you, hand in hand,
Under the autumn moon. 
I want to learn about you and how you came to be:
Were you an only child, were you one of two or three?
Were your parents there for you? Was there hostility?
Did you have friends who cared for you, or were you always lampooned?
What memories do you carry with you
Under the autumn moon?

I want to walk with you, arm in arm,
Under the autumn moon.
I want to learn more about you 
And how you came to be. 
Tell me how it felt
The first time your heart fluttered,
The first time you kissed someone,
The first "I love you" uttered. 
Did you give your heart of your own free will,
Or was it stolen away?
Was it treated well, then given back, 
Or was it crushed, broken, left to decay?
Does your heart still ache, or are you now immune?
Speak to me of your heart 
Under the autumn moon. 

Stay with me a little longer
Under the autumn moon. 
I want to share myself with you; 
Tell you how I came to be. 
I want you to know my hopes and fears, 
And the things that I've done wrong. 
Let me tell you of dreams undone
And my favorite dancing song. 
I'll tell you what stirs my soul
And sets my heart afire. 
I'll tell you how much I fear this life
And of the people I admire. 
So sit with me a little longer,
For the sun is rising soon.
Sit, and talk, and laugh with me
Under the autumn moon. 

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