12 May 2014

Bikram Yoga Works!! (But you knew that...)

Originally, I planned to write about one of three things today: a string of rough classes, my top 5 pet peeves in the hot room, or "The Quiet Assassin" ( the latest instructor I've taken class from ). Instead, I want to relate what happened this morning when I visited my fantastic doctor for a checkup. 

As you might remember, I am a reforming smoker. Also, you may recall I hurt my right knee about a month ago. While it does not hurt all the time (and I can now do all the postures again without much discomfort), my knee still hurts when put in certain positions. For instance, when I lift my right leg in Tree Pose or Toestand, the torque placed on the knee creates pain. So the visit to the doc was to a) renew the prescriptions for my inhalers and b) get my knee checked out. 

The news I got back was more than encouraging. It was FABULOUS!!!

So after 45 classes in 92 days:

I have dropped 15 pounds (253 to 238).

My blood pressure is back in the safe zone (122/80).

One inhaler discontinued. That leaves me with two, which I only use as needed!

As for my knee, the doctor said it was a meniscus problem, and that while we could look into MRIs or physical therapy, "You are already handling it in a great way by doing yoga." When I described how my instructors told me to work on contracting my thigh muscle and locking the knee, she agreed completely. She told me that continuing my practice was the best thing I could do!!

Yet another reason to go to yoga!! 

Class is about three hours away. After that sort of positive feedback, I can't wait!!!


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