09 April 2014

Playing Hurt

After the euphoria of eleven classes in ten days, it has been back to the grind of trying to make time for classes amidst the chaos of everyday life. Once again, four classes in a week is a treat; five classes in a week is an almost miraculous feat. Trying to get to (then get  through) class is tough enough when you are feeling pretty good. An injury adds even more challenges. 

I know. Last Friday, I was cleaning out the garage with Sweetie. After three hours, it was clean(er) and we were tired. I sat down I the couch for just a minute or two. When I moved to get up, I felt three distinct pops in my right knee I buckled and fell back to the couch. Ever since, I have to be careful how I bend it. I attempted class on Sunday with mixed results. The standing series was ok - I was surprised at how strong I was ( I could actually lock it out). Once on the floor, I was useless. Left the room at fixed firm because I couldn't bend the leg at all. Last night was little better - I fell out of Tree in an awkward fashion and hurt the knee again. I was completely useless on the floor because back spasms made everything hurt. So, I left early again. 


Not sure what to do. Took tonight off but tomorrow is one of my cleaning nights. Should I leave it be and simply try to work around it? Get a brace or sleeve? Take a few more days off? 

I really want to take class but it might be better to rest it. I feel like I need to just go and be mindful of what I can and cannot do. If I can be really careful, I think I can do the entire class. I know this: after waiting so long to practice again, I'm aggravated that now I must deal with an injury of this sort. Time to work on acceptance again. 

If you have any ideas or have a similar story, feel free to email me at the address at the top of the page. 


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  1. Oh ouch. I don't know what you did, but I'm right there with you with my back (I think it's a pulled or strained muscle for me). I say go and be mindful. That's what I'm doing. I'm even scaling back further in class. I noticed that even though some things may not aggravate my back in class, they seem to after.

    This is a great chance to be mindful!

    On another note, I'm rounding up bloggers who might want to participate in a monthly blog carnival hosted through my blog. If you want more details, email me at mybikramyogalife@gmail.com Once I get some people rounded up I'll send out a group message.