16 February 2014

This will (eventually) be fun!!

I'm back in the club!!
So, one week and three classes down... what have I learned?
That I am truly thankful to be back.
That it is wonderful to see old faces and meet new ones.
That I have a long journey ahead of me just to get back to where I had progressed before.

Last Sunday was my first class back. I was happy to be there and that energy carried me through. I didn't push too hard. I attempted all the postures. I learned just how much ground I've lost ( I couldn't get my hands to my heels in Hands to Feet... I couldn't even begin to do Camel -- I was able to bend back only slightly). I wasn't worried. Like I said, I was simply happy to be there.

Tuesday was... Let's just say that I got run over by the Yoga Train (not just a truck or a bus, a train). It was my first day of work-study, so I was up at 5AM to go to work, home by 3. Tried to take a nap but wasn't successful. So, when I got to class at 8:15PM, I was pretty knackered. I got as far as Triangle, then I hit the deck. Tried to do Cobra, but couldn't get off the ground. I stayed in Savasana  until Rabbit, when I waved the white flag and left the room. Felt queasy but recovered to do my cleaning shift.

Thursday was better. I was able to get some rest and so class went MUCH better! Still fell out a lot but I made it through and had energy at the end of class. AND I was actually to do a complete Camel!!

All in all, a week of re-discovery. The picture of my practice is becoming more defined. There is a long way to go. I have to get rid of this gut so I can do forward bends without gasping for air. I have to work through the pain in my elbows when doing Locust. And there is so much more.

I don't care. I'm back in the club. Next class starts in two hours. I'm there.

Wherever you are, whatever type of yoga you practice, I hope you make it to your mat today!!


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