21 April 2011

Thursday Musings

Well, no double today. A long night at work left my back and shoulders in knots. Mix in a cool, rainy morning and it was just too easy to stay in bed. However, I am going to the evening session and -- best of all -- my sweetie will be there for the first time since hurting her back. Looking very much forward to tonight's class!

Out in Los Angeles, over 400 people are becoming certified Bikram instructors at the Spring Teacher Training meeting. I have been searching for any blogs from students and I have found a couple of them that seem promising. After a little more research, I'll post my favorites. In our Tuesday night class, it was learned that one of the students has a friend at training. She said that Bikram himself taught class the previous day. It lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes at 140 degrees!!!! Incredible!! I hope to hear more tales from LA! 

Speaking of Teacher Training (TT), I have, from time to time, wondered aloud if I could get through that 9 week torture test. I keep coming back to the same thought: regardless if I became certified or not, it would be worth the time and cost just to go through the process. To simply be a part of such a large group of people all bent on the same thing would be a privilege in itself....

I could type for another hour but there are other things in life besides yoga. Like laundry. Grocery shopping. Hydrating for class. Wow.. four classes in one week? Pinch me!!!


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  1. Mark - had to comment on this one too. :) You are right, teacher training is ABSOLUTELY worth it and no other experience will ever compare. And I know that you can do it. You have the right attitude and the passion.

    We're wrapping up week 4 tomorrow with our Saturday morning class. This is supposed to be the time when people break but tonight in posture clinic all I saw were happy, smiling faces all around me. It's magical. It's tough but its the best thing you'll ever do.