20 April 2011

Sometimes, your yoga lies elsewhere...

It has been a long month. Only six classes since my last post. My goal of 200 classes for the year is beginning to slip away. Still possible, but it becomes more of a long shot with each passing day.

The reason? A loved one has been facing some difficult times. This person is very close to Missy and I and is a big part of our day-to-day lives. For most of the middle part of the month, it meant long days working, then off to the hospital to visit and check on his condition. This would be followed by a meal late at night, usually on the way home, and it was normally our only meal of the day. This went on for almost two full weeks. Our classes went by the wayside, for the most part. Happily, though, things have improved, and he is getting the care he needs. In the days since he has stabilized, we have been exhausted physically, mentally, even spiritually.
Then, to top it off, sweetie slipped on the stairs and hurt her back. She is still very sore, and has not been able to pursue her practice at all.

The lesson? To me, it is this: when you have to set things aside for someone you love and help them out, you are still doing yoga. It may not be the type of yoga you want, but it is there for you to do and learn from. No, I wasn't in that room melting my face off, but I was where I needed to be and doing what I needed to do for those I care about. Now, I can pick up and begin my own practice again.

Speaking of my own practice, I have been able to go to class the last three days. It is the first time that I have been able to string three in a row in forever -- I think it's only the first or second time this year that I can say that. Sunday was a decent class, but Monday was another meltdown. I was wobbly from the start, and it was so humid and hot in the room that I left early. Really early. During the Spine-strengthening set. I took the walk of shame and silently cussed myself out for not being strong enough to carry on. Last night class was a good bounce back, though. It had rained just before class, just enough to get everything damp, then the sun came back out, turning everything into a steam bath. It was felt in the room. Just sitting quietly on my mat before class, I was soaked. However, my class went much, much better than the previous evening! I felt stronger, and attempted every posture (sat out a couple of sets, though). I felt sooooo much better after class, although very thirsty (I always take a bottle of Gatorade for after class -- it was gone in less than seven minutes last night!).  I would go tonight if I could, but it is my night to close at work. :(  Thankfully, I have tomorrow off, so I will certainly make a class -- maybe a double???

35 classes down, 165 to go


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