14 January 2011

Tuesday Heat, Friday Cold

Tuesday night's class was another very warm session. I don't want to say it was hot in the room because if I say that now, how will I describe it in July? Another large group, lots of energy, and loads of sweat.  I struggled more in this class. I had a difficult time keeping my balance in the standing set, then I began to fade near the end of class while on the floor. I never truly contemplated getting up and leaving -- it did flash through my mind once but I quickly dismissed it. No, the conundrum for me was this: Should I continue to try and perform each set of each posture (which was becoming difficult), or should I lay out for a set or two and basically stew in my own sweat on the mat? It seems that when I choose to lay out, it is worse -- I get even hotter through inaction. Doesn't make sense, I know, but it's true. Anyway, I survived in decent form and I was glad I didn't lay out or quit. As far as postures, it was a challenging night. I have sooooooo far to go, but I will not quit.

Today's early class was canceled because the heater failed yesterday. In fact, Missy went to class last night and said people were leaving because it was not hot. It was funny, when I went to pick her up last night, to see people leaving and NOT drenched. She said she was more sore than usual because it was cooler than normal. So, next op is on Sunday. I am sure it will be quite, quite, warm.

I have spent a good deal of time looking at other Bikram blogs, especially those concerning Teacher Training. It really speaks to the dedication of these people to the yoga how it changes them. At some point, I'll give a list of the ones I like most.

5 down, 195 to go.


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