27 January 2011

Oh, for a cup of coffee....

 How does the time fly? Another week between posts. That’s just how it goes sometimes.
Last Friday was a day off for both Missy and I, and we relaxed with lunch and shopping and a little pampering at the nail salon. I was able to get her some new clothes, including a great little black dress. I bought a new pair of jeans, and I was happy to find that I fit easily into a 38” waist, down from 41”!! On Monday, I had my weight and blood pressure checked, and both were DOWN!! I checked in at 231 lbs. I can’t tell you the last time I was this light! That now makes it 47 pounds lost since I started Bikram yoga.

Only two classes this week. 43 students on Sunday, 35 on Tuesday. Both were brutal. Tuesday was really difficult – sat out more than posture, wanted to leave the room more than once. It was tough for a number of students, so much so that the instructor actually opened the doors for a short time to try and revive us. It felt great, but it didn’t really energize me. No triangles, or the Forehead to Knee posture that follows. Completely sat out through Camel, and half-assed it through Rabbit. I was so uncomfortable that I was twitching during almost every savasana --  a sure sign that I am ready to get and up and head for the door. I stayed in, though. The other problem was that I was a bit lethargic due to a little experiment we are trying – a cleanse.

While we were out on Friday, we stepped into a GNC store to look around. We saw that their 7-day cleanse kit was on sale. We have discussed the idea more than once, so we asked the manager. She said she uses it every few months and that it was really good and gentle. There are supplements for the morning and evening, along with a fiber/prebiotic packet you mix with water or juice and drink with breakfast. We agreed to give it a go.
Of course, there is a diet plan that you can follow, but basically it is as follows:

No processed food
No red meat
No dairy or eggs
No caffeine

Now, I can live for a week without meat, or dairy, or eggs. I REALLY miss my morning coffee, though. REALLY miss it. I had a horrible headache on Monday night into Tuesday which I believe was due to withdrawal from caffeine. Monday was Day 1, and my biggest issue was being constantly hungry. I ate a dozen rice cakes while I was at work. I’m eating apples by the bushel, since it’s the only fruit I like, and I’ve eaten buckets of salad.  Made a pot of vegetable soup, and while it was good, sure could have used a grilled cheese with it. Or a steak. Tuesday was a little better. I found out that rice flour bread is pretty decent, that natural peanut butter has to be stirred since oil has risen to the surface, and that soy yogurt is actually good! We had grilled chicken last night and I thought I was in heaven! Tonight, it’s turkey burgers, which should be good. I’m not sure
How much weight I will lose this week, but I am feeling better, and even sleeping better. I need to find more things to try and eat, though. We have agreed to try this again in six months or so. It is a change, but I would encourage anyone to try it.

Tough schedule for a few days. Hopefully, my next class will be on Sunday.

10 classes down, 190 to go.


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