06 January 2011

Late Meals and Early Yoga

Had to work late last night, which led to a later dinner at the local taco shop. No, not the best meal or best time of day to eat, but sometimes it's simply unavoidable. Anyway, Missy and I did make it to class at 6:00AM.
It was harder for me than yesterday. For one thing, I was sore after going to class yesterday. Second, my stomach was not totally happy with my food choices of last night. Finally, I set up my mat right under one of the vents, so I had a constant stream of hot air on me during the standing series. Pranayama was better, though I still coughed a lot after first set. I did Eagle really well for the second straight day. I tried Triangle again, and fell out twice, but I feel better about it. It's simply about strength, and I'm going to have to keep working at it. The floor set was pretty good, at least for me. I didn't sit out any postures, and I was able to stay focused. Not bad for me!!

Today's nuggets from the instructor:

"Yoga is a dance between tension and relaxation..."

"Don't try and think your way through the postures. Move and breathe your way through the postures."

2 down, 198 to go. 

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